It is today that we create the world of the future.

Principal’s Message

To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful
To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful
To those who help with gentle hands, life is full
And those who case with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measures !!

We believe in a joyful experiential learning system wherein, each child is encouraged to participate whole-heartedly. At Iris, we leave no stone unturned to offer multitudes of opportunities to our students; it is for them to make the most of it. They need to understand the importance of emotional balance, critical thinking and most importantly accepting failure graciously. Here, we groom our children to learn the basic tenets of life & gain self-confidence, decision making ability, camaraderie, leadership traits, man management, adaptability, sociability etc, as these make the personality of a person. It is the personality, which will tomorrow ensure the success of a child together with his academics.


Keeping this in mind, Iris International School provides holistic development for the child which includes Best Academics, Best Personality Greening, Life Skills Development & Strengthening Leadership Qualities. The school also provides integrated coaching by experts to prepare students for competitive examinations like JEE, NEET & Olympiads.


Iris International School aims to provide disciplined routine life & result oriented learning. The time spent by a student at Iris is not just the gathering of memories for a lifetime, but also making them accomplished individual. It is about living, learning & growing together.

Usha Ajay Rajak