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At Iris International School, primary section would cover a period of five years’ Grade I to V, during which the basic skills in all subjects would further be enhanced & higher level skills would be introduced to challenge students & stimulate their interest.

  • Our primary education stresses strongly on the conceptual learning of the subjects. Each year, as they begin their journey to primary grades of III, IV & V, they are introduced to a new curriculum in order to provide them with advanced learning.
  • At Iris, our working is based on learning through experimentation, observation, analysis & inference
  • Activity & project based learning
  • Emphasis on acquisition of language skill, developing creative writing skills
  • Well planned reading programme to inculcate reading as a habit
  • Skills based ICT curriculum
  • Focus on basic numeracy skills & mathematical concepts


We at Iris, provide the primary learners with opportunities to :

  • Acquire literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills
  • Enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning
  • Develop ability for critical thinking and logical judgment
  • Appreciate and respect the dignity of work
  • Develop into a self-disciplined, physically fit and healthy personality
  • Develop individual talents
  • Promote social responsibility and make proper use of leisure time
  • Develop awareness and appreciation for the use of technology in education


  • The primary section programme builds on the skills that children acquire in pre-primary years. The primary section curriculum progresses from skills to experiential learning to building knowledge.
  • At Iris, while the emphasis is on the learning & understanding of concepts, sports & co-curricular activities provide the values of teamwork & co-operation at an early age.
  • The Primary section programme given equal importance to the creative side of the children through art, music, dance & education.
  • The sports programme in the primary school provides ample opportunities for children & spots their talent at a young age.

Why Iris Primary School ?

A platform to young learners to blossom tomorrow with flying colours of achievements in all the chosen areas of excellence with respect to global standards in education

  • Curriculum on par with international standards
  • Activity & project oriented approach
  • Continuous & comprehensive evaluation pattern
  • Project to inculcate scientific temper & competitive spirit
  • E-learning platform for interactive demonstrations.
  • Grooming talents through competitive magazine of international standards. (RobinAge & MTG Monthly Magazines)
  • Interactive video conference sessions for extempore building

Smart E – Infra Structure

  • Classroom set up & Bulletin Board : At Iris, creative reflection boards create a positive & encouraging ambience for inside (Class-room) & outside teaching programmes.
  • Well furnished E-labs & technical equipments : The primary programme enhances the effective language skills, Mathematics, EVS, Science & Social Science which follow the guidelines of CBSE curriculum strengthened with conceptual interactive technology based input.
  • Language Laboratory : Develops good communication skills & confidence, enriches a child’s vocabulary & provide scope for enhancing clarity in speech with proper stress on annotation, pronunciation & expression.
  • Audio-Visual room : This room is equipped with the best & the latest LCD projector with a big screen. The education videos on Maths, Science, EVS & Social Science make learning more easy & interesting. Understanding of the concepts is greater due to use to this technology. This make learning a fun filled experience.

Smart E – Contents

  • The Primary programme enhances the effective language skills, Mathematics, EVS & Social Sciences which follow guidelines of CBSE curriculum strengthened with conceptual interactive technology based inputs.
  • Monthly schedule : A day to day minute wise curriculum given in advance to enable the parents to have an insight of classroom activities.
  • Work sheets : Creatively designed complete conceptual reinforcement work sheets for your learners.
  • Academic Aptitude sheets : Creatively designed complete activity based work sheets for strengthening higher order thinking ability.
  • Grammar & writing skills books : Enhancing the language development.
  • Monthly magazine : An assimilation of school activities & current affairs.
  • Achievers Booklets : Enhancing the learners knowledge to face competitive exams.
  • I-TOP (Iris Target Olympiad Programme) is a competitive mode of examinations for grade IV students designed to focus mainly for preparing state & national level competitive exams. It develops mathematical curiosity using inductive & deductive reasoning to solve problem with speed & accuracy. Besides enriching skills like observation, classification, inference, prediction & scientific temper, I-TOP enhances english grammar & vocabulary to hone language skills.

Smart E – Teachers

Self – explanatory curriculum which includes the activities that are taken up in a month for example :

  • Ample hiring of qualified, experienced teachers.
  • Half yearly orientation programs are held to update the faculties with the latest teaching methodology.
  • ITAT – Continuous comprehensive assessment programmes to equip teachers with standard teaching techniques in their respective subjects. The purpose of the training is to meet the international standards.

Smart E – Teachers : Partnering with Parents

Family & School represent the primary environment in which young learners grow & develop them selves. At Iris, an online application is there which helps the parents stay connected with their ward’s academic performance, attendance etc. on daily basis.

  • Parents teachers meeting to facilitate sharing of knowledge, thoughts & vision there by adding enriched perception to the information process.
  • Parents orientation programmes are part of institutional routine at Iris.
  • Parents are apprises of their ward’s performance on a regular basis via one-to-one pattern.
  • Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress & working together is success, is theme of our working at Iris.